March 22, 2023

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Plants were grown in A. thaliana gene silencing suppressor (tobacco rattle virus; TRV) virus-induced gene-silencing (VIGS) leaves in four different treatments: P. syringae without MAMP (control); elf18 or flg22 without TRV; elf18 or flg22 with TRV and without MAMP; and elf18 or flg22 with TRV and with MAMP. In a second experiment, plants were grown in the same conditions, except that MAMP treatment was replaced by elf18 or flg22 expression using dexamethasone (DEX) with three different concentrations ( 2.5mM, 5mM and 10mM). The two MAMP treatments were paired with each of the three concentrations of DEX, creating four additional treatments. In both experiments, plants were grown and the severity of SGI was estimated as described in Vetter et al. [ 3 ]. MAMP-treated and non-treated plants were grown and compared to estimate the effect of MAMP on SGI. All plants were grown in 16 dishes; each dish contained two plants of the same genotype. In total, there were ~400 plants in each experiment.

By constructing a dozen of different sequence variants with a predetermined motif, we were able to reduce the possibility of spurious mapping in that region. The reduced sequence space allowed us to confidently map >3.5 million SNPs to the MAMP receptor locus. SNPs detected in the MAMP receptor locus for elf18 and flg22 treatments at 8-16 hpi were consistently present at a statistically significant level in the mid-parent line over all SGI loci. This suggests that these sequences might provide a different genetic background leading to differences in MAMP response. We also noted the existence of non-synonymous SNPs for elf18 and flg22 treatment within the receptor locus that might alter function.

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MAMP PRO is a local, commercial, of server environment local Classic: MAMP. Designed for web developers and professional programmers, MAMP PRO allows easy installation and environmental management of their development. MAMP PRO can publish the server your WordPress. Just enter the login information server directly into your remote tab, and select the database to move along with the root directory. Your project can go into operation with just a click of the mouse.

MAMP installs a local server environment in a matter of seconds on your macOS or Windows computer. MAMP comes free of charge, and is easily installed. MAMP will not compromise any existing Apache installation already running on your system.

MAMP is a command line tool and it’s very easy to setup and use. All you have to do is just type the mamp command in the terminal. Have a look at the mamp command usage and how to install MAMP on Windows or Mac. The main features of mamp are:

  • PHP 5+ running on Windows or Mac.

  • FastCGI/mod_fcgid running on Windows or Mac.

  • MySQL 5+ on Windows or Mac.

  • OpenSSL client certificate support on Windows or Mac.

  • ModSecurity installed and configured by default.

  • PECL and other required software installed (cURL, zlib, mySQL, libxml, ImageMagick, PHP Linkages, OpenLDAP, Memcache, APC, php5, GD, webscrew, oAuth, XCache, OpenSSL, etc).

  • Programming languages (C, C++, Perl, PHP, HTML, CSS, etc).

  • PHP 5+ includes, among others, Zend Framework, Symfony, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Smarty, Laravel.

  • Nginx, MySQL, MySQLi, PDO, FTPClient, LDAP, Memcache, Redis, SQLite, APC, GD, cURL, OpenSSL, Imagick, XCache, OpenSSL, Iconv, PerlIO, XML2, XMLWriter, XMLWriter, etc).

  • Programming languages (C, C++, Perl, PHP, HTML, CSS, etc).

  • OpenSSL client certificate support on Windows or Mac.

  • ZF 1.11, Zend Debugger 1.3+ support.

What’s new in MAMP PRO

What's new in MAMP PRO

MAC Address MAMP PRO now automatically detects the correct configuration for your MAC address. In MAMP PRO, the MAC address database was improved. MAMP PRO is also more responsive to changes in the system. For example, if you change your local network, MAMP PRO will also take this into account.

Nginx Servers Now more than ever, managing Apache and Nginx servers is easy with MAMP PRO. MAMP PRO now automatically detects the correct configuration for your Nginx server and will also start the service when needed. MAMP PRO has also been extended:

Apache Now more than ever, managing Apache and Nginx servers is easy with MAMP PRO. MAMP PRO now automatically detects the correct configuration for your Nginx server and will also start the service when needed. MAMP PRO has also been extended:

SSL Certificates Now more than ever, managing SSL certificates in MAMP PRO is easy. MAMP PRO now detects when the SSL certificate is not valid. When you try to start the service with an invalid SSL certificate, the error message will be displayed and the SSL certificate will be deleted.

Using MAMP PRO, you can install WordPress and use the WordPress CLI to create a project and add pages. It is the only MAMP PRO cloud solution that allows you to create your own hosting while working on the cloud. You can also publish your page to any live server with the click of a button. This is a powerful feature and can be used for example, for submitting pages to crowdfunding sites.

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MAMP PRO Features

MAMP PRO Features

  • Local DNS: simply configure your local DNS server with the MAMP Local DNS settings.
  • Hostname assignment: choose a domain name that you can work with. Once you have set it, NAMO will use it as an alias in your MAMP sites.
  • Automatic discovery and redirecting: quickly discover new MAMP sites, and automatically configure the local DNS of your devices to the new domain name. You don’t need to do anything. That means no fiddling with.htaccess files or PHP configuration settings.
  • IP-v6 compatibility: let’s face it, if you’ve got an IPv6 network and want to reach your MAMP sites via IPv6, NAMO is the perfect thing for you.

What’s new in MAMP PRO

  • Minor changes to Appearance preferences
  • Fix for deployment to WWW-accessible directories
  • Fix for PDF file opening issues
  • Fix for some “multistrap” applet issues

MAMP PRO Registration Serial Number

  • IE4HL-4EJ8V-2U68I-07MQM-VJ923-TW1ME

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