March 26, 2023

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Commander Robert Fogleman has been with the Houston Police Department since 2004. He was promoted to sergeant in 2006, lieutenant in 2011, and captain in 2014. During his seven years with HPD, Captain Fogleman served as a patrol sergeant, a patrol officer, and in both the firearms and patrol divisions, before he was promoted to Chief of Patrol, and then Commander of the Criminal Investigations Division.

Commander Jeffrey Freidin was appointed to the Houston Police Department in 2011. He was promoted to sergeant in 2013 and lieutenant in 2015. He served in two patrol areas, both in the West Side, then in the Northeast, and then in the Southwest. In March of 2016, he became Commander of the Central Patrol Division, where he was in charge of patrol areas 17, 19, and 20. Commander Freidin has earned the National Law Enforcement Officers Association, Officers Against Illegal Aliens, and the Sergeants Benevolent Association of the City of Houston, Law Enforcement Torch Run, National Public Safety Partnership, and Texas Criminal Justice Coalition Awards.

Rear Adm. William G. Franklin II joined the Miami Police Department in January 2002. He was promoted to captain in July 2008. He served in the Detective Division and then the Narcotics and Organized Crime Bureau. He was promoted to major in November 2010 and then to lieutenant colonel in January 2016. Franklin recently completed a tour as Commanding Officer of the Armed Forces Operational Test and Evaluation Center in Quantico, Virginia. He also serves as Commander, United States Southern Command Quadrant.

Commander Jason Mitchell began his law enforcement career in October 2007, joining the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office as a reserve deputy. Following basic training, he was selected to serve as a SWAT team member, and was promoted to SWAT Deputy Chief. He was promoted to Sergeant in 2013, and then to Detective in 2015.

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The Supreme Allied Commander for Transformation (SACT), in support of the NATO Secretary General, is the principal strategic advisor to the NATO Deputy Secretary General (DSG) and the NATO Military Committee (NMC). It is a four-star officer holding the NATO rank of Deputy Supreme Allied Commander.

The commander for operations, the primary operational combatant command of the United States Department of Defense (DoD), under the authority of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) and the Secretary of Defense. Joint Force Command Naples (JFC Naples) is the geographic unified combatant command responsible for air, land, maritime, special operations, cyber, and support operations, for the European theater of operations.

The Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR) is a tri-service officer, appointed by the North Atlantic Council. SACEUR is the Commander of the Allied Command Europe (ACE) and is the senior Allied officer of the North Atlantic Alliance. The SACEUR commands the allied, interoperable, combined, deployable forces of the North Atlantic Alliance, based in the European part of NATO, covering an area from the North Pole to the Tropic of Cancer and from the Atlantic Ocean to the Black Sea.

General Sir Adrian Bradshaw, NATO’s Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Atlantic (DSACEUR), during an AOI meeting at NATO headquarters in Brussels. He emphasizes that events have made it clear that a major effort is required from the Alliance to strengthen its ability to overcome such attacks and to protect its member states and their populations.

Commander Robinson has received numerous awards and recognitions during his career with MPD, including Achievement Medals, Unit Citations, and PSA Officer of the Year on multiple occasions. He is also a member and previous coordinator of the Metropolitan Police Departments Ceremonial Honor Guard. He proudly served this country as a United States Marine and was honorably discharged after serving eight years. Robinson obtained his Degree in Criminal Justice from Park University of Parkville, MO.

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A pilot who has been flying in the Phoenix area for nearly 60 years, Bill Wynn, is bringing his career full circle by flying a Twin Commander. The trend has been growing among wealthy hobbyists in the Phoenix area, but it seems that Wynn is the first to make the move in the opposite direction. He and his wife of 57 years, longtime Twin Commander pilot Bernadette Snapp, will take the trio out for a couple of joy rides before its a permanent fixture on the books. An avid pilot who has owned and flown many planes, including a single-engine TBM Avenger, Wynn has owned a Twin Commander since it was brand new. Thats not to say he hasnt flown other planes, and when asked if he will still fly other aircraft, Wynn said, Other planes are a hobby, are you kidding? This is a hobby! Bill Wynn is a pilot, and a pilot isnt just a pilot. He enjoys flying, and he enjoys flying his Twin Commander. He has no plans for retirement. Next time you see him in the skies, he wants to hear you shout, Hello! Its Bill Wynn!

A few weeks ago, a Twin Commander Pilot named Frank Keeton posted on the Twin Commander Facebook page a photo of his freshly painted airplane, which had just completed a 3,000 hour service. It was a look that was somewhat unusual for a Twin Commander owner. But Keeton wasnt alone. Recently, a Twin Commander owner with the handle, pthelessturkey went to a Twins owner swap in California and posted the photo on his Facebook page. Pretty cool stuff, eh?

In a little over a month, a Twin Commander will be flown for the last time as a crew plane by the owners of that aircraft. The planes owner, John Grissim (now retired), and his wife Mary spent a lot of time and effort as volunteers for the local aviation community. From opening the International Airport, to the Nevada Air Search and Rescue, to working as a hangar apron mover, Grissim spent many years as a volunteer for various aviation related groups. He was a big part of what Twin Commander has become, and as the years rolled on his presence has continued to grow. For his volunteer services, Grissim and his wife were invited to attend the Twin Commander Owners Group annual meeting in Simi Valley, California, on September 25-26. At the meeting, many owners spoke about what it means to be a Twin Commander owner, and Grissim spoke about some of the ways that Twin Commander ownership has enriched his life.

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PDF Commander System Requirements

PDF Commander System Requirements

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PDF Commander Features

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  • The Savant Syndrome
  • Serenity Prayer: A Commonplace of Ex-commander
  • Surviving The Savant Syndrome

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