March 21, 2023

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VirtualBox 6.1 includes many new features and improvements:

  • VirtualBox can manage more than one VDI image. (Up to VDI version 3)
  • The VMDK format has been enhanced in several ways: file-level compression, 2K/4K support, H.264 support, and NTFS support.
  • VirtualBox Memory Ballooning now works on Linux with improved Linux support.
  • Performance improvements for VDI as well as VHD, VMDK, and raw partitions.
  • Emulation environments added for all supported platforms.
  • Multiple host protocols support (KVM, Hyper-V, VMware, and Xen)
  • New administrative and user interface.

VirtualBox 6.0 has been labeled a release candidate. With that in mind, we want to make sure that all existing users have a full experience with VirtualBox 6.0. In particular, we need to fix known issues, and we need to verify that all new features are compatible with what is out there. If you find a problem, please report it.

VirtualBox 5.2 builds upon the previous release by extending the plug-in integration with external hardware devices such as GPU accelerators and other USB-IF devices. VirtualBox can now easily expose virtual GPUs and USB devices to the guest operating system.

The new service provides a remote Control Panel for VirtualBox service that enables users to manage and monitor network connectivity and link-layer issues. This new service is similar to the Remote Desktop service of other operating systems and allows you to access a single machine from multiple locations, provided that you have a single Internet connection.

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To be able to run Windows 11 in VirtualBox, the host system must have a GPU (graphics card) that supports DirectX 11. To accomplish this, a separate file has to be installed in the VirtualBox system. You can also install Windows inside of VirtualBox on an existing system. If Windows 11 is installed on your system, it’s easy to remove any physical disk containing Windows 11.

I switched to Windows from OS X because I wanted a desktop environment that I could customize and make more visually appealing. I really like the Windows system, but I dislike Windows management tools. VirtualBox seemed like it would fill that gap for me.

VirtualBox takes full advantage of USB 2.0 and USB 3.0. As long as you have USB support enabled, the USB device will appear as a disk drive in the VirtualBox settings. VirtualBox exposes the USB device through the host operating system, and if the host system runs as a Legacy BIOS-mode Windows system, USB devices will work just like any other hard drive and floppy drive. For a completely virtualized PC, you have access to external USB devices as if they were devices on a physical PC.

All of the other features in VirtualBox work perfectly, and if you have just a Windows copy of VirtualBox, or if you have access to a licensed Windows virtualization product, your virtual systems are booting, showing Windows, and generally functioning like a real PC. Once you want to connect to a network, you have to get your wireless card working. This is doable, but not trivial. The VirtualBox users guide has information on the network interfaces and settings, but the only way to get VirtualBox to install any USB 3.

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VirtualBox Features

VirtualBox Features

For VirtualBox, the network compatibility is only between the client and the host. So, you can not replicate the network environment from the guest to the client through the peer-to-peer or host-based protocols.

VirtualBox 6.0 contains many improvements, with the most important being the new guest kernel module VirtualBox Version 6.0 uses. This new module supports the 4.18 kernel, which significantly increases the performance of supported guest operating systems. Oracle VM VirtualBox Full Crack 6.0 has several Virtual CPU improvements, including support for Hyper-Threading and the ability to run more than 32 virtual CPUs. This module also supports many other virtualization features, including hypervisor-based Memory-Mapped Device (MMD) pass-through. Intel VT-x and AMD SVM are now natively supported by the Virtualization Manager.

1. New user interface
Oracle VM VirtualBox is now controlled using a user-friendly desktop-like interface instead of a traditional command-line window. With the user interface, you can create, manage, connect and move virtual machines with ease. In fact, you could even use the interface to connect from multiple hosts to a single virtual machine.

Better support for high-resolution displays: With this release of Oracle VM VirtualBox, users can now share their high-resolution screens with virtual machines on the same host. To enable this feature, set the Resize Display to “Shared” and the Expose Display to “Hidden” under the Display Settings for your virtual machines. Once enabled, you can then drag the VM’s window to any part of your host screen to make it fit.

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What’s new in VirtualBox

  • VirtualBox 4.3.6 is now available as an extension pack for VirtualBox 4.3 users. Users of VirtualBox 4.3.5 can download the extension pack to update VirtualBox to version 4.3.6 in the next 24 hours.
  • VirtualBox 4.3 includes the support for new virtualization technologies such as HPE Integrity and Microsoft’s Hyper-V. Those features can be enabled from within VirtualBox.
  • VirtualBox 4.3 also includes the support for USB 2.0 controllers and chipsets for USB-based virtual machines, up to the 8.0 version. Support for USB 2.0 controllers and chipsets was introduced in VirtualBox 4.2.

VirtualBox Features

VirtualBox Features

  • Source & Binary support for Debian GNU/Linux, Fedora and RHEL
  • Virtualization support for OSes like Windows XP and Windows Server 2008
  • Libvirt backend for use with popular virtualization tools such as libvirt or OpenStack
  • Supports advanced features like Live migration and Snapshots
  • Distributed Plug-ins to create new VM devices and network adapters
  • Attach/detach disks and snapshots
  • Attach/detach cameras and virtual hardware (pens)
  • Publish, manage and manage virtual machine storage
  • Backing Storage: bare metal, SAN, NAS, cloud and FUSE/NFS
  • Plug-ins: VMware, KVM, Xen, Intel, Windows and others
  • VDI solutions via the Windows® Server VDI Module
  • Cross-platform guest support, including Internet Explorer, Oracle 9i, SQL, Outlook, and more
  • Easy-to-use web interface

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